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Your greatest power is your ability to choose. 

Choose wisely - choose you - choose health.

My Fitness Story

Whether we choose to go to the gym or work out at home, we know that the importance of exercise is crucial to remaining strong, healthy and feeling empowered.

If your goal is just that - staying healthy and void of illness or getting healthy, looking to trim down and reduce stress, we (me + you) are in alignment. My life goal is to remain healthy and feel my best at every age. So my secondary life goal is to help others do the same.

My path into the fitness industry began 30 years ago - from trained dancer, to Sports Medicine, to fitness (manager, trainer, instructor, mentor), to Fitness + Health Coaching business owner and entrepreneur.

The pandemic opened new opportunities for me and I connected with so many health and fitness enthusiasts.  As we continue to navigate the next chapters in our world, I remain dedicated to the health and well-BEing industries.  As an 'in demand' instructor, trainer and health coach, I continue to work with clients and share a message that is very clear - Your greatest power is your ability to choose. Choose wisely - choose YOU - choose health.

Would you like to work together and create a well-BEing blueprint just for you? Let's connect!


Peace, Love and Healthy Living Always,

Missy V.

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