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The Project is YOU

The Power is YOURS

I invite you to focus on the most important project of

your life - YOU.

My passion for over 30 years in the fitness and

wellness industries has allowed me to share the importance

of a healthy lifestyle with thousands of people. I am honored 

to say I have helped to change many bodies, but what I am

most proud of is that I've changed so many minds.

Let's work together to regain, sustain and maintain your health

 - YOU have the power.

Be a good example of yourself,

to yourself.

MFG Project

The MFG Project is my personal philosophy of health and well-BEing. Begin your MFG Project journey with simple actionable steps today!

Fitness Classes

Missy is currently teaching classes at LifeTime Fitness. Connect with her and be a guest, or book a virtual fitness consultation where she can create a personalized fitness program just for you.


Food is the foundation of all that we are. Get comfortable in the kitchen and be inspired by my delicious and nutritious recipes.

Health Coaching

Let's put all the pieces together and create a blueprint for your wellness path. Connect with yourself, choose foods that nourish and suit you, and make movement a priority for whole health. Let me coach you toward your healthiest YOU! 

What Is Missy Up To?

Take a sneak peek into what Missy is currently reading, listening to and watching.  

Consuming information that can help her better serve her family, friends, and clients is one

of her greatest passions and part of her daily routine. 

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