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After only one coaching session with Missy I feel so much more at ease with my health choices.

Reminding me that health and wellness is a lot more simple than we are lead to believe in

the media. I can be healthy with out a lot of work! I can do it!

Sarah R., 34 - Tech Rep and Mom

Hilary L., 22


Missy’s passion for fitness and nutrition were two things that really resonated with me. She helped me understand the importance of self-care and listening to my body to make informed choices when it came to health and nutrition. She is engaging, knowledgeable, energetic, and challenges and encourages me and all her clients in the best way possible. Through Missy’s guidance, I have been able to create a health and fitness regimen that best fits my lifestyle and implement her training techniques even when working out on my own. She is a leader and an inspiration to everyone she trains and her approach to health and fitness is functional, holistic, and realistic. And after moving away for college, I can attest that Missy withdrawals are REAL. 

Shauna S., 41

CSO and Mom

I have been taught, led, mentored and coached by some outstanding people throughout my life and Missy sits on the top of my list. She is the combination of all the best coaches and teachers I have ever had. Her clear guidance, instruction and focus on the mind/muscle connection is one that resonates with me and those she teaches and instructs. Her focus on TOTAL body health, fitness and wellness has been the shift that I needed to make on my wellness journey and has transformed my life.

Beth A., 37


Missy's workouts are fantastic! Wherever you are in your fitness journey, she will encourage you and inspire you to become better and stronger with every workout. I also love that she reminds me that wellness is not just working out...but also about what we feed our bodies and minds. I am so grateful for Missy's guidance and expertise. I have learned so much and continue learning with information she provides on the regular via Instagram. She is a life coach disguised as a health and fitness coach!

Roger R., 34

 NBA Athlete

When I first started working with Missy it was important for me to get across that not only was I coming to her as a professional athlete to rely on her knowledge and expertise, but more importantly as a person who wanted to take their health and wellness seriously for the rest of my life. Yes, I wanted to figure out my eating habits and daily food choices now and how it helped with my overall performance and well-being but wanted to understand and learn about food, changes I needed to make, things I needed to consider well after I was done playing. Missy worked with me to help me understand that it’s important to focus on quality with an emphasis on how food makes me feel. She also provided resources for me to educate myself throughout the process. I now understand and ask more questions when ordering and purchasing food and feel better prepared to make good and informed choices as a result of her guidance.

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