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I don't like vegetables, what should I do?

January 21, 2019

First of all...grow up.

Maybe that’s a ‘tough love’ kind'a answer, but for real you guys—you can’t live your life on bananas, yogurt, Kashi bars & chips n' salsa. Nobody should be eating like that everyday. So quit pissin’ and moanin’ and do what you know to be good for your health.

Start by figuring out which veggies you do like. Make a written list and place on your frig or somewhere in your kitchen.

Make three columns: vegetables you like, vegetables you don't like, and vegetables you are willing to try.

Ponder the list of veggies you don’t like. Ask yourself why you don’t like them. What experiences in your past created your belief system? Maybe you weren’t exposed to vegetables growing up? Did a family member you look up to not like this vegetable? Or maybe you never learned how to prepare said veggie, therefore you never made the effort to try.

Maybe you don't favor a certain vegetable due to it's texture. I can get on board with that. However consider the vegetable may have been over-cooked when you experienced it last, so trying it raw might be for you (or a simple flash-steaming). The reasons are endless, and some of which are understandable. My son does not like spinach cooked. So I make a conscious effort to leave a couple handfuls on the side for him because he doesn't mind eating it raw. I don't want him to miss out on those nutrients!

I urge you to try working through some of your veggie biases. Are you ready to heal from the food trauma that may have occurred and leave those memories and experiences in the past? I hope so. Because YOU CAN move through those emotions and prepare to expand your mind (and palette) to new food experiences that will bring you better health and reduce the incidence of illness and/or disease.

Creating healthy habits start with the thought. Then you make the effort and focus on consistency. You can continue to live a life void of good nutrition and keep telling yourself you don’t like ‘this or that' or you can embrace that now more than ever an open mind is a necessity for whole mind+body wellness. Personally, I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like. But I was raised to eat them. Did I always like it as a child? Of course not. I sat in a darkened kitchen, hours after dinner was over, staring at the last few bites of green beans. Mm hm me too. But as we get older we start to realize how we like our veggies. Raw with a little hummus on the side, or steamed to perfection with just the right amount of salt. Mmmm...

Add one new vegetable to your list each week. Implement them into any meal. Do a little research online. Easy google search: ‘best way to cook cauliflower’. Whether you eat vegetables sautéed, raw, roasted or steamed, PLEASE make it a priority to consume the most nutritious foods on the planet!

Some more information on why veggies are SO good for you:

Vegetables have the healthiest organisms on the planet. There is no amount of vitamins or supplementation that can make up for the phytonutrients in veggies. Their anti-inflammatory properties are also endless. And if you don’t know, all inflammation puts the body at risk. It’s best to aim for an anti-inflammatory diet, and veggies are a big-HUGE-part of that. Another perk to eating vegetables is they are very low in calories and don’t cause the insulin spike that most fruit does (except for beets and corn). And you expend most of those veggie calories chewing and digesting, so win-win!

Peace, love & always purchase organic;)


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