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Every morning is a new opportunity to create your mood 

and nourish your mental health.

Choose mantras to reflect, shift and create the mood 

you desire.


with Missy V. Morning Mantras​

How To Practice A Mantra Meditation

1.  Choose one or more mantras and read to yourself or aloud several times

2.  Take deep, slow breaths between mantra repetitions

3.  Focus on the words of the mantra for as long as you like 

4.  It is natural if your mind wanders - Simply refocus and begin again

48 Card Deck of Mantras, Messages & Motivation

I have created this deck of 48 mantras, messages and motivation for anyone wishing to reduce stress and anxiety, become more self-aware and find peace every day. Mantra meditations have helped me in many areas of my life, and I am now ready to share one of the keys to my growth and healing in hopes that you will find peace as well.

Please email me with any questions and order by December 12th if you'd like to receive your Mantra Cards by Christmas. 

Returns are not accepted at this time.

 Share your experience with your MissyV. Mantra Cards on social media. Tag @missyvacala and use these hashtags! 

#createyourmood #mantrameditation #morningmantras 

#missyvmorningmantras #mantras #messages #motivation #takecareofyou

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